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Physical Symptoms and Mental Health Daily and Monthly Tracker and Guided Journal: Track for 90 days and see the patterns in your physical and mental health

Physical Symptoms and Mental Health Daily and Monthly Tracker and Guided Journal: Track for 90 days and see the patterns in your physical and mental health

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Do you feel like your symptoms are a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that don’t fit together?

Get ahead of your symptoms and mental health with the Physical Symptoms & Mental Health Tracker planner and journal! This tool will help you identify patterns and triggers, allowing you to take control of your health. Tailored for 3 months of tracking, this planner contains overview pages to show your doctor or therapist patterns that may be causing flare-ups or attacks.

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What can you track?

  • symptoms
  • weekly goals & to-do's
  • daily symptom check sheet, including:
    • tolerability levels: tolerable, mild, severe and in-between
    • symptom start/end, location, onset, notes/triggers
    • pain types: achy, constant, sharp, stabbing, etc.
    • medications taken
  • check-in with your mental health fill-in sheet, including:
    • checklist of tasks accomplished
    • tracking how you feel that day
    • fill-in with one word how you feel that day
    • blank space for journaling each day
  • tracking pages worksheets, including:
    • symptoms at a glance & trackers pages: collect data from all the daily tracking pages and fill out the dot trackers, use a color pen to help see patterns visually
    • blood pressure tracking pages and a couple pages to track your own
    • medical information worksheets: track your doctors, diagnostics, medications, and labs
  • blank lined pages for notes

Conquer the overwhelm of chronic illness with our tracking planner. From medical appointments and medications to doctor's notes and symptom tracking, this powerful tool will make managing your health easier than ever. Get organized and gain control of your health journey with this comprehensive solution created by a fellow chronic illness warrior. Get back on track today with the ultimate tracking planner – peace of mind is just around the corner.

This tracking planner is data and data is key when looking for answers. I know, I've lived with chronic illness for many years and have experienced medical gaslighting all too often. I developed this planner after experiencing a deep depression when I lost my grandmother and close cousin within four months of each other in 2021. Add to that, having no health insurance, no specialists due to affordability, no medications, and no therapist. I know how my mind works, I knew I needed a project to keep my thoughts occupied. Over the span of about eight weeks, I created the daily and check-in pages of this journal to help me get through each day. I was able to find my way out of the deepest part of my depression thanks to these pages. I spent a lot of time in bed, sad, hurting physically, and absolutely that how you feel today? You're not alone. You can read more about my story developing this tracking planner inside the pages of this book. ~Erica Carrasco aka Achy Smile

This Physical Symptoms & Mental Health Tracker planner and journal is the perfect tool to help you stay on top of your whole health! With tracking sheets for physical symptoms and mental health, it's easy to identify triggers and monitor your progress over time. Newly diagnosed patients can use the tracker to gain insight into their condition, while those with changes in symptoms can keep a close watch on their health. Get your Physical Symptoms & Mental Health Tracker now and start keeping track of your whole health with ease!

A few notes:

  • Use pencils, colored pencils, ballpoint pens, and gel pens only. The paper weight is not suitable for markers and permanent markers of any size.
  • Highlighters may bleed, please test before using. The highlighters we tested did not bleed, but we cannot speak for all highlighters.

Author: Carrasco, Erica Nicole

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 240

Release Date: 04-10-2023

Languages: English

Cover Art: Watercolor clouds in purples, oranges, and yellows

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