Meditation Favorites During Migraine Attacks

Meditation Favorites During Migraine Attacks

Originally posted on on April 23, 2021 |

There are a few meditation websites I visit regularly when a migraine attack wants to have drinks and gossip with anxiety and dance with depression. This happens to me often, especially when an attack exceeds 24 hours. The anxiety and depression deepen as the days pass without a few day's break in between.

To help myself mentally, I start off by binging show after show or reading a book...when my eyes and ears allow it. I also sleep a lot. Migraine combined with anxiety and depression is very exhausting, both physically and mentally. When I can no longer read or watch shows and I can't fall asleep, I turn to meditation and breathing techniques I've learned through biofeedback [though, I should probably do this BEFORE I do any of those other things]. Here are a few websites I visit most because I have found they work for me. I hope they help you too!

These are just a few that I like to use for helping calm my mind. I have found that anxiety exacerbates my migraine attacks, so by working through a meditation, I am able to bring my pain level down a bit. By doing these types of meditations and the breathing I learned through personalized biofeedback, I am able to keep an attack from worsening most of the time. This has helped me stay out of the emergency room.

Learn more about Biofeedback and Migraine presented by the National Headache Foundation below:


What's your favorite meditation? Please share it in the comments, I know anyone who happens upon this post would love to know what works for you. I know I would! I'm always open to trying a new meditation, especially if their voice soothes my ears!

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