Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors look a little different now!

Everyone now has the opportunity to give out their own referral links and earn CashBack!

How Does It Work?

On any page of the Shop, you will see a Rewards button on the left corner of the screen towards the bottom that says Rewards. If you're on a cellphone, you will see an icon the same as the one below without the words "Rewards." 

When you click the button, you have the opportunity to Join Now if you're already signed in or Sign In.  If you're signed in, you can always come back to this button and click Get Your Link for a shareable link full of possibilities!

Who Gets What?

From now until June 30, 2020 those who use your link will get $5.00 CashBack and you get CashBack worth 5% of their order! Starting July 1, 2020 people using your link will get 5% CashBack of their order for a future purchase and you will earn 10% CashBack of their total order. So keep sharing and accumulate good stuff at Achy Smile Shop! If you haven't already, Register for an Achy Smile Shop account to get started! Already a customer? Just grab your link as shown above.

How Do I Use CashBack?

CashBack is the same as store credit.To use your credit, simply go to your Account page, click the Store Credit button. In the pop-up, copy your Loyalty Card code. Apply this code during checkout.


Will my current Ambassador discount code still work? Yes, for just a little while longer during this transition. Ambassador discount codes will expire on June 30, 2020. 
Will Ambassador's no longer receive free t-shirts? Not in the way you are used to. For special campaigns, Achy Smile Shop will reach out to the Top 5 referrer's who have the most orders within the last three months and invite them to special Top Ambassador giveaways. During a giveaway you will receive that item free to help you run the giveaway on your own page. Also, because you are receiving 5% of your referral orders, you are essentially earning your free t-shirt and more depending on how often you are sharing the link and promoting Achy Smile Shop. Let's grow together!
Why is Achy Smile using a referral program? Hi, this is Erica. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to share their experience wearing an Achy Smile tee or maybe drinking from one of our mugs while at work. Did it start a conversation? Did you get a few stares and then find out a stranger has migraine too? That's what my vision is for Achy Smile merch, to just start the conversation. It's those amazing and once-in-a-lifetime moment that I want everyone sharing. There are around 1 Billion people around the world with migraine. Let's show them they're not alone!